A PCB relay is a switch which uses an electromagnetic coil in order to close or open a circuit. Power relays also contain an armature, a spring and one or several contacts. If the power relay is designed to normally be open, when power is applied, the electromagnet attracts the armature, which is then pulled in the coil’s direction until it reaches a contact, therefore closing the circuit. If the relay is designed to be normally closed, the electromagnetic coil pulls the armature away from the contact, therefore opening the circuit.
JQX-14F mini pcb relay 12v electromagnetic pcb relay
JQX-14FC 2Z general purpose relay / pcb relay miniature relays
JQX-115F pcb relay 10a mini power relay
JRC-19F 8pin pcb relay/ power relay/electric relay
JRC-21F Power PCB Relay small relay 24v electromagnetic relays
JRC-23F mini electromagnetic relay 12v pcb relay 6pins
JZC-22F 5 pin pcb relay 15a electromagnetic relay 12 volts
JZC-23F Electromagnetic Relay Miniature Relay 10a
4pin Power Relay Miniature Relay JZC-32F
PCB Relay T73 mini relay 12VDC 7A 5 Pins JQC-3F relay
20a 12v mini pcb power relay T74 4181 relay
T78 type Subminiature low power auto relay 6v 12v 24v
T90 pcb mounting relay 20a power relay 0.9w JQX-15F
JQX-16F gerneral purpose relay 12v 30a relay T91 relay
PCB mount relay JQX-21F 5pin relay 12v power relay
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