Sensors and Relays are the most basic and the most common element in Automation System. HEYI offers a variety of sensors including inductive proximity switches, plug-in proximity sensor, capacity proximity sensors, photoelectric proximity sensor, light curtain sensor and color sensor. A variety of relays including solid state relay, PCB relays, high power relay, timer relay and so on. HEYI aim to be your personal expert of Automation Solutions.

A Solid State Relay or SSR is a solid state electronic component that provides a function similar to an electromechanical relay but does not have any moving components, increasing long-term reliability. A solid-state relay uses athyristor, TRIAC or other solid-state switching device, activated by the control signal, to switch the controlled load, instead of a solenoid. Anoptocoupler (alight-emitting diode(LED) coupled with aphoto transistor) can be used to isolate control and controlled circuits. As every solid-state device has a small voltage drop across it, this voltage drop limits the amount of current a given SSR can handle. The minimum voltage drop for such a relay is a function of the material used to make the device. Solid-state relays rated to handle as much as 1,200 amperes have become commercially available. Compared to electromagnetic relays, they may be falsely triggered by transients and in general may be susceptible to damage by extremecosmic relay and EMP episodes.
Timing relays are arranged for an intentional delay in operating their contacts. A very short (a fraction of a second) delay would use a copper disk between the armature and moving blade assembly. Current flowing in the disk maintains magnetic field for a short time, lengthening release time. For a slightly longer (up to a minute) delay, adashpotis used. A dashpot is a piston filled with fluid that is allowed to escape slowly; both air-filled and oil-filled dashpots are used. The time period can be varied by increasing or decreasing the flow rate. For longer time periods, a mechanical clockwork timer is installed. Relays may be arranged for a fixed timing period, or may be field adjustable, or remotely set from a control panel. Modern microprocessor-based timing relays provide precision timing over a great range.
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