Timing relays are arranged for an intentional delay in operating their contacts. A very short (a fraction of a second) delay would use a copper disk between the armature and moving blade assembly. Current flowing in the disk maintains magnetic field for a short time, lengthening release time. For a slightly longer (up to a minute) delay, adashpotis used. A dashpot is a piston filled with fluid that is allowed to escape slowly; both air-filled and oil-filled dashpots are used. The time period can be varied by increasing or decreasing the flow rate. For longer time periods, a mechanical clockwork timer is installed. Relays may be arranged for a fixed timing period, or may be field adjustable, or remotely set from a control panel. Modern microprocessor-based timing relays provide precision timing over a great range.
ST3PA-B time relay multifunction time relay 110v
ST3PF time delay relay electronic general purpose relay timer
H3Y series super time relay mini time relay 220v
AH3 Series Time Relay,mini time delay relay 220v
AH3-N 3A On-delay time super time delay relay 220v
DH48S-1Z electronic timing relay omron time delay relay general electric time relays
DH48S-S time delay relay 0.1s~99hours digital twin timer relays
H3BA-8 super time relay ST4P time relay
H3BA Series Electronic Time Relay time control relay 220vac
Digital time relay JSS20-48AMS electronical time timing relay
JS11S digital display time relay / digital counter / electronic counter
DH11S LED digital display time delay relay 220v Electronic timer switch relay
JS14S digital display timer relay ac220v electronic display time delay relay
JS14C Digital Display Min Time Delay Relay 220V
JS14P mini time relay timing Control Relay digital display timer relay
JS14P-M digital time relay 220v timer time relay ac
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