H3Y series super time relay mini time relay 220v

H3Y series electric time relay have small size, light weight , high delay accuracy, wide time range, good reliability,long life characteristics etc, the item comply with inter national  standard are suitable for kinds of high precision and reliability auto control situation to delay control

Dimensions (mm) :

Wiring Diagram : 

Main Feature :

Model Number H3Y-2, H3Y-4, ST6P-2, ST6P-4
Working Voltage AC24V、36V、110V、220V、380V、DC12V、24V
Work Mode Conduction Delay
Time Range 1s  3s  6s  10s  30s  60s  3m  5m  10m  30m  60m
Contact Form 2 group delay ( H3Y-2 ) /  4 group delay ( H3Y-4 )
Contact Capacity 5A 220VAC ( Resistive ) / 3A 220VAC (Resistive )
Installation Mode Device
Insulation Resistance DC 500V, 100mΩ
Dielectric Strength BCC 1500VAC , BOC 1000VAC
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