JS14P-M digital time relay 220v timer time relay ac

By the magnetic system and the contact system components, electromagnetics system in bakelite base, double-break contact system for the bridge, a total of eight pairs of contacts, at the upper and lower layers are arranged .

Dimensions and Wiring Diagram ( mm )

Main Features :

Model Number JS14P-M
Working Voltage AC24V、36V、110V、220V、380V、DC12V、24V
Work Mode Conduction Delay
Time Range 0.1s~9.9s  1s~99s  0.1m~9.9m  1m~99m  0.1h~99h  1h~99h  
0.1s~99.9s  0.1s~999s  0.1m~99.9m   1m~999m  0.1h~99.9h  1h~999h
Contact Form  2 Set of Delay
Contact Capacity 5A 220VAC ( Resistance )
Outline Dimensions 84*47*112
Installation Dimensions 78*46
Installation Mode Front Panel

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