H3BA-8 super time relay ST4P time relay

H3BA-8 series time relay for AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 380V and below, or 24VDC and below, the control circuit for the delay element, connected by a predetermined time or break the circuit .

Dimensions (mm)

Wiring Diagram :

Main Features :

Model Number H3BA-8 / H3BA-8H
Outline Dimensions
Working Voltage AC24V、36V、110V、220V、380V、DC12V、24V
Work Mode H3BA-8 : On delay  H3BA-8H : On delay with instant contact
Time Range 0.5s , 1s , 10s , 0.5m , 1m , 5m , 10m , 0.5h , 1h , 5h , 10h , 100h
Contact Form H3BA-8 : Timed 2PDT   H3BA-8H : Time SPDT, Inst SPDT
Contact Capacity 3A 220VAC ( Resistance)
Installation mode Device type
Ambient temperature
Electrical Life

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