ST3PA-B time relay multifunction time relay 110v

ST3PF Series electric time relays have small size,light weight, high delay accuracy,wide time range,good reliability, long life characteristics etc,The item complied for kinds of high precision and reliability auto control situation to delay control.

Dimensions (mm)

Wiring Diagram

Main Feature :

             Model Number                ST3PA-B
Working Voltage AC24V、36V、110V、220V、380V、DC12V、24V
Work Mode Conduction delay
Time Range A : 0.5s  5s  30s  3m
B : 1s  10s  60s  6m
C : 5s  50s  5m  30m
D : 10s  100s  10m  60m
E : 60s  10m  60m  6h
F : 2m  20m  2h  12h
G : 4m  40m  4h  24h
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two contact delay ( ST3PA-B)
Contact Capacity
3A 220VAC ( Resistance )
Outline Dimensions 41*57*84

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Produt: ST3PA-B time relay multifunction time relay 110v
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